A nice mushroom with nice eyebrows.

I am Miles Kane's #2 fan.

Arctic Monkeys
& The Beatles
& Miles Kane
& Lana Del Rey
& Music
& sometimes I'm funny

ah man now they’re playing Band on the Run I can’t take this

I really love hearing DIWK on the radio. it reminds me of the first time I did. I was screaming in my dad’s face and almost crashed the car it was great

and now this station is playing nothing but Beatles is this heaven

question to band kids: does every single one of you know how to play the melody of Pumped Up Kicks?

Track: Paint It Black
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: Aftermath


"Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones

Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black


‘why did I even start liking this fucking band in the first place’ I whisper as I scroll down my dash and wipe my tears


if you don’t like the white stripes I can tell that we aren’t gonna be friends


I read the tweet, and then I read the username.

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